1. Our origins

    When it was born, in 1971 in Lucignano (AR), Pieri Macchine was only a small individual company operating in a fund of very modest dimensions. Dante Pieri, the founder of the then company with the same name, had ambitious plans and the courage to carry them forward with determination.

    Not long after, the company settled in Arezzo in the Belvedere area where it increased the available space, first to 240 square meters. while, subsequently, the purchase of the entire ground floor of a building allowed the company to reach 1,000 square meters.

    In the meantime, his brother Loriano joined Dante Pieri who assured the growing activity a new important management contribution.

    Thus was born the Pieri Macchine s.r.l.

  2. Growth

    Subsequently, the Pieri brothers took a courageous decision that will prove decisive for the future of the company: joining the Arezzo Cooperative Shopping Center.

    So in 1988, Pieri Macchine moved to the new Pratacci Shopping Center where it could have a total of around 4,500 square meters. of which 500 are for offices, 500 for the workshop department for the repair and overhaul of used machines and 3,500 for exhibition and storage spaces.

  3. Widening

    What seemed to respond broadly to the needs of the company, however, soon proved to be insufficient to accommodate the increasingly large number of used machines. To the point that, in the 2000s, it was necessary to make use of another deposit of 1,000 square meters. After a while, the ever-growing development of the second-hand market has also made this additional deposit insufficient, which moreover, being detached from the company headquarters, did not allow for the job to be carried out optimally.

  4. Where are we now

    To respond effectively to the national and international market, Pieri Macchine has therefore joined the New Spaces Cooperative, securing an area of around 10,000 square meters in the new Shopping Center that will be built, near Pratacci, still along the junction but even closer to the motorway exit.

    Finally, in November 2010, at the 21st Festa al Falegname, the current location was inaugurated in the new industrial area “Carbonaia” near Ponte a Chiani which, in addition to being aesthetically very appreciated, boasts an enormously larger size and an enviable functionality, being created to make the most out of the activity carried out. A fully integrated 280 kw photovoltaic system was also installed on the roof.

  5. Transformation into a joint stock company

    All’inizio del 2011 la Pieri Macchine si è trasformata in Società per Azioni per rispondere in modo più efficace alle esigenze di liquidità dovute agli investimenti effettuati evitando, al tempo stesso, impegni finanziari reputati troppo costosi con il sistema bancario. In seguito a tale trasformazione il capitale sociale è stato aumentato ad € 1.350.000 e sono stati emessi prestiti obbligazionari.

    Nel febbraio 2011 è stato attivato un altro impianto fotovoltaico di 148 kw realizzato, insieme ad un intervento di rimozione dell’eternit, nel tetto della “vecchia” sede di Pratacci. I due impianti garantiscono alla società introiti importanti e costanti che consentono di ammortizzare fortemente l’esposizione finanziaria.

  6. Today

    Pieri Macchine is one of the largest companies in Italy in the trade of machines and tools for woodworking and operates in a widespread way in Central Italy using numerous agents. Thanks to our vast assortment of used machinery we also cover the entire domestic and foreign market.