24^ Carpenter’s Festival

Here it is … we’re almost there !!! The annual appointment returns with the long-awaited Carpenter Festival.

The slogan says “THE ONLY … THE INIMITABLE” and indeed, without false modesty, we are proud of being the only ones in Italy to organize an event of this type for almost 25 years despite everything and everyone. Our festival has grown every year to find an “ideal” dimension in the new location. Others have tried but organized smaller fairs and only did it for a few years.

We do not deny that in these moments the organizational efforts that we have to support are important but WE BELIEVE … WE DO NOT ARRANGE and in recent times we see concretely that things are changing and those who have courage are rewarded by the market.

BELIEVE TOGETHER !!! We are waiting for you with many solutions and promotions.

If you want to participate and you have not received the invitation contact the ns. representative of the area or directly to the headquarters and you will receive our Invitation by priority mail to show at the entrance.

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