25^ Carpenter’s Festival

LET’S MAKE BEST WISHES for these “Silver Weddings” !!!

Best wishes to Us because we have created this event that, over a 25-year period, has grown more each year until it finds its maximum expression in the new location.

Best wishes to you all, loyal customers, because you have “married” our project by allowing us to turn it into a REFERENCE FAIR AT NATIONAL LEVEL: so much so that many of our supplier partners have CHOSEN to “invest” in the Carpenter’s Festival as an event fair of the year in Italy.

Our fair is now a common heritage that cannot be renounced, a UNIQUE EVENT that offers all of you many opportunities for technological innovation in a welcoming and familiar environment.

If you want to participate and you have not received the invitation contact the ns. representative of the area or directly to the headquarters and you will receive our Invitation (by priority mail or by e-mail) to be shown at the entrance.

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